What Is A Keyword?

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Have you ever asked “What’s a keyword?”

Web Marketing: Keyword Research using the Google External Keyword Tool

Well, you answered your own question! A keyword or phrase is what you type into Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine! So, when you put that into the search engine, that’s how you got here and I thank you for your visit.

The more specific your keyword or phrase the more precise you will find for your results. It’s a know face that most internet users will not search past like at most page 3 of any search engine so it’s important to get your keyword(s) or phrase precise!

For example: If your “keyword/phrase” is cheapest auto insurance may be your intended keyword however if you simply add the city or state where you live you’re going to get better results and cut your research time drastically.

What’s a keyword can be simple defined as merely the topic for the content of a webpage you’re looking for; you see the “key” is the “word” get it? The key is more in the words on the webpage!





Mixed with what’s a keyword, the best with get you the best results or visitors which ever you’re looking for and they need to be specific, in high value demand with a low real supply.  That means lots of people looking for it (high demand) with little web pages about it.

I hope I helped you understand and answered the question what’s a keyword?

Huge note ***before you decide or consider keywords, you need to narrow your concept to fit your opjective, more in the next few posts!


Great to have you here, thank you!



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