Warning: Internet Marketing Newbie – Want To Succeed?

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Warning: Internet Marketing Newbie –

Want To Succeed?


Tired of not succeeding? Are you an Internet marketing newbie? Do you want to succeed? Of course you are I know I was sick and tired of spinning my wheels and not seemingly like my efforts were not yielding any results – at least the result that I’m after.

Internet Markeign Newbie

I spent years searching on the internet, learning, buying and watching others grow like crazy, or at least what I perceived as they were and yet here I am still feeling like I was missing something. I had lots of the puzzle pieces and could do many things and yet I still felt like an internet marketing newbie because of the small results I have to show for my efforts.


I had one website that I had learned how to build – and let me share with you when I started I had NO IDEA of ALL the ways others are earning lots of money each and every single month. So my first piece of advice is that your thinking has to be the first to change followed by believing that you will succeed!


Many Internet marketing newbie’s perceive  that building a business or presence on the Internet is quick and easy and that is farther from the truth! (Just being honest!)


Internet marketing newbie’s need education!


Just like any other profession, you need an education and this education doesn’t have to be as expensive as I’ve seen on the internet. You don’t need to go to a fancy college or university to get the same results. What you do need is the guidance to training of the best leaders in the industry who are extremely trusted and have massive results not only of their own, but the results of countless others and I’m not different.


It has been said that if you want the success that others have then you have to do what they do in order to get it! I believe this to be true and I’ll add that you can tweak it so that it’s doing something that you love and enjoy. The principles are the same to get to the same results.


You can’t expect to get something for nothing otherwise you’ll get nothing for something! Think about that – I’m not saying as a internet marketing newbie you have to spend lots of money or that it will come to you for practically no cost, there is a fine balance.


One final thought on your education – invest in it! It will yield you much more than you put into it!! Here are the only three that I suggest because of the proven success that each of them carry and the rewards are followed by your efforts, desire, persistence and belief.  (in no particular order)

Empower Network – this is where much of the pieces really began to fall into place for me.

Daily Marketing Coach – Ann Sieg has a great system set up here and this is almost as easy as 1, 2, 3 … If you don’t have her books you can get them here.

SiteBuildIT! – This in its self is practically an online-self pace college course (this is how I view it) I had a tough time with the price but once I got into the course, the price is really peanuts compared to the value that you get.  Get even more free e-books that will help you here.


One bonus that I’ will offer to you is my personal help to help you build your business.  If you see the value in any of the above programs I will personally help you, guide you and help keep you focused.


Focus is one of the hardest things we all have to have and it’s even more important to have when you are an internet marketing newbie!  I will also tell you that I have a personal mentor that I work with and it makes a world of difference!


Finally, …


Internet marketing newbie’s need a plan and mentor.


I’ve already talked about my mentoring you and when you go with any of these programs you will get a plan – just stick with it! Don’t let anybody derail you.  You can build anything you want –


Yes, that’s right – you do! Who is yours?  Connect with me and let’s get you success!

Make Money Online. Work From Home. From Newbie To Millionaire. An Internet Marketing Success System Explained in Easy Steps by Self Made Millionaire. Affiliate Marketing Covered.


Blessed for the Interenet!

~ Kelly


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