Pass Google Fast – 100x The Traffic!

Pass Google Fast – 100x The Traffic!

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You don’t need to pass Copyscape anymore – you only need to pass Google! Boost traffic for every post by automatically conforming to Google. This is a  Must-have for any and all Bloggers and one of the most valuable Blogging Tool you’ll use. It’s also for Article Writers because the days of spinning is dead, thank goodness 🙂

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Yeah, that’s the quick version! Watch the video to see for your self.

If you do purchase Articles from freelancers, you can run the article through Pass Google and see just how original it is or if it’s an article that has been spun.

You visitors are looking for good quality, high value original information so run your article, post or any content that you’re going to post on your blog or website to see is it passes Google because google is changing the way they rank your content.

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