The Zen About Internet Marketing

The Zen About Internet Marketing!


What about internet marketing?


That’s a great question! Such a broad topic too but I’ll do my best to narrow it down for you.


There’s no doubt that you can find almost anything about internet marketing from practically everyone, don’t you agree? If you’re like me though you’re tired of the distraction from all the noise and feeling like those guru’s” want you to buy from them … I know I did. There’s two key points that I learned about internet marketing that no one else talked about and that is focus and a mentor.

Abotu Internet Marketing

Next to focus and a mentor – about the internet, you’ll also learn soon that you need a structured plan. You can pick up lots of nuggets from many people but unless you have a plan those piece ill float around in your mind and you’ll not know how it applies to what it is that you’re trying to achieve.


With my learning about internet marketing, there is honestly only three quality programs even worth not only spending your money on but it’s worth your time that will help you produce results.


One big misconception out there on the internet world and about how to build an income using the internet is that it really is work, takes time, effort, determination, planning and mapping out exactly what it is for your goal.


You see Internet Marketing is simple!  … (but) Before you get to the simple part, you must go through the tough part of all the planning, giving value and building trust. You simply can’t go after the money from the start.


I know, I know … you’ve seen all of those websites that start up and claim to be making a bunch of money in almost no time, well that’s not the whole story; I’d bet! So don’t buy into it.


Because I seen those too, and when I started my online journey, I too, didn’t want to be scammed and I had lots of skepticism just like you. I did my home work, and glad I did and that led me to SiteBuildIT! – Here is where I learned the very basics of the internet and just how others are having results that I want.


I will admit that I had a problem (for lack of a better word) with the price but I saw the value so I jumped in and started learning. Geez, I’m so glad I did because that led me to branching out and now I have more than one website.  I had another learning curve to break through and I had to put all of the pieces together.


One of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer you
about internet marketing

… is that you also need a good educational program that will teach you what it is that you need to learn in order for you to bring value to the market place, otherwise you’ll be floundering around still wondering about internet marketing … and slowly losing money, getting frustrated and quickly losing hope that you can succeed on line.


There are two programs that offer a great deal of value and teaching you about internet marketing that will lead you virtually step-by-step and the cost is low when you compare cost for cost with other programs or intuitions that offer the same.


So, if you’re sick of not having results, feeling like something’s missing (just like I was not too long ago) then you need to connect with me so I can help you!


This whole thing about earning an income on the Internet is simple and very complex at the same time but with the right plan, education and mentor you can have success … how bad to you want success?


What is success to you?


I look forward in hearing from you! Let’s get a plan together for you, what are you waiting for?



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