Natural Facelift

Looking for a Natural Facelift?

So, you’re looking for a natural facelift? Let’s face it, as we age, many of us dislike how we look. It can make us feel older, unhappy, unhealthy and even when women wear make-up it sometimes can accent those problem areas, right.

Before jumping to expensive and painful surgical as your way for a facelift, (BTW – Have you really seen what and HOW they do surgical Facelifts, no thank you!) I have found a few ways for a natural facelift as much as exercise is important in our daily lives, there is exercises for your face too, who knew, right? Give this a try
Facial Fitness: Daily Exercises & Massage Techniques for a Healthier, Younger Looking You

Although since you’re looking at natural facelifts, be sure to be careful about the products you are using, just because you paid a reasonable amount of money for them doesn’t mean that they are healthy for you to use on your skin. Make sure to look at the ingredients and pass your product(s) through website because your products are probably more toxic for you and your health of your skin, but that’s up to you.

I also found a natural way to help with sagging of your facial skin, laugh lines and over all skin smoothing. Here are the Ingredients….

However, there is a better way for a natural face lift, in fact, its’ also known as the Hollywood Facelift and It not only a natural facelift, it has no chemicals, no toxins or toxic ingredients and many prefer this as a cheaper alternative for a natural facelift.

Z3 – is an instant 100% chemical-free natural facelift for both men and women and has been showcased on the red carpet, the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s and so many more and it available to you at a very reasonable rate. Most of what “the Celebrities” have a whole team of people and money who can help make them look as young as they want, that’s something that you and I don’t have until now.

Z3 Trio Natural Facelift


1 – Anti-Aging Repair Cream
1 – BioEnhanced Facelift
1 – Vital Eyes Eye Cream

Zoom back in time & look younger in 3 minutes! z3 BioEnhanced Facelift Duo is a 100% certified Toxic Free & organic 2 step facelift system that moisturizes, firms, tightens, lifts, reconstructs, repairs DNA and generates both collagen & elastin. It also eliminates wrinkles, bags, dark circles, acne and puffiness. It’s for men & women who want younger skin instantly. Results are dramatic and permanent. z3 is Essante’ ORGANICS patented, gold-medal award-winning Bio Tri-peptide, scientifically proven to repair DNA and generate more collagen & elastin than any other ingredient on earth. This intense formulation includes today’s most renowned, organic, anti-aging ingredients including: z3 Botanical Stem-Cells, White Tea Leaf Extract and Malachite mineral. It delivers such dramatic results, we dare you to only use it on half your face.

1) Apply Anti-Aging Repair Cream in upward strokes to face & neck. Wait 30 seconds.

2) Apply Vital Eyes Eye Cream & makeup (if desired).

3) Apply BioEnhanced Facelift gel, lift & hold above each area you desire major lift.

4) Do not rub or apply other products after BioEnhanced Facelift gel is set.

Z3 Natural Facelift


  • 100% certified toxic free & organic
  • 98% effective in immediate, measurable, long-term, permanent results
  • 93% improved elasticity, produces 17 times more collagen & elastin
  • 92% improvement of firmer, fuller skin
  • 90% of subjects found skin more tone, firm, healthier, plumper & moist
  • 77% increase in lifting
  • 78% increase in hydration, stimulates water holding for youthful look
  • 75% of subjects noted immediate smoothing effect
  • 56% reduction of dryness
  • 50-80% of skin is held up in position by Facelift gel (Step 2) once dry
  • 10% decrease in jaw line profile (firmer skin along jaw line)
  • Significant decrease in progerin (main cause of wrinkles & sagging)
  • Eliminates/minimizes wrinkles, stress lines, smile lines, imperfections
  • Eliminates under eye dark circles, bags & puffiness
  • Rebuilds, repairs the dermis & epidermis, promotes cell cohesion
  • Repairs DNA, increases skin’s metabolism, creates clear, glowing skin
  • Re-sculpts & relaxes the facial muscles
  • Educates cells to break every 28-32 days, occurs in young 25yr old skin
  • Results within 2-5minutes, takes 5-10 years off your appearance
  • Remember that the FDA has not evaluated these statements and these product is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease but I know you’ll love the results. Hey, lets face it, you’ve tried others, why not give this s try?

    Natural Facelift guarantee

    Guarantee: Essanté Organics offers a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction

    Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your 100% certifed ToxicFree™product, please email us right away at and allow us to make it right. Note: an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization #), shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee apply to all returns.

    Check out the Quality Commitment!

    It’s not necessary to get all three; you can get one, two or all three! I’ve tried many products not only for my body, but for my face and I’ve only found three different products that I like and I have to be honest with you, this has now become my favorite product and my only product that I use, and I clean my face with a cleaner that is full of Vitamin C with a sonic cleaner and my skin look better than ever.

    So, I hope you’re ready to get started with a natural facelift? Get started here.

    Welcome to a Natural Facelift Z3- now go and enjoy a healthier, cleaner, fresher face and look younger with a natural facelift.

    Blessed beyond belief.

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