40-40-40 Plan Doesn’t Work Anymore

I’m sure your grandparents were on the 40-40-40 plan now days, that doesn’t work anymore!

You know what I’m talking about, right?

You know the work 40 hours a week for 40 years and have 40% of your income for retirement on, it’s no wonder many lived in poverty or near the poverty line in “their golden years.”

It shouldn’t surprise you that didn’t work, it’s not working in fact it’s even worse today. Many if not all employers are doing less and less for employees, you know health insurance and retirement. If you even have a retirement plan no. Most can’t think of saving for retirement but it’s essential to. With today’s income almost frozen and the prices of things rising like the price of gasoline at almost $4.00 (or more in some places) families are always looking for the best solution for them. After all it’s always “it’s all about me” especially the bottom dollar/profit of any company or organization.

In the 40-40-40 Plan; people are always in fear of losing jobs, decrease in benefits maybe a small increase in a raise then to be offset by an increase in the cost of health benefits. Some families really depend on good health care coverage. Does this sound like you or your job? You may not be working 40 hours and you probably haven’t worked at your job or career but the concept is the same.

Are you sick of being on that plan? After all, the old “get a good Education and get a good Job” doesn’t exist anymore. Many don’t go to college, some don’t finish High School and then there are those who don’t even use the College Degree they earned (paid for)! Even more find out later they got an education in a field they don’t even like!

So I sure hope you can relate to some of the pain. I know I sure can. You see every one of us all have a unique story, our life, some happy, and some not so happy.  We all have experiences; we all have the same basic feeling of wanting more and better. I’m no different!

You see I was in my mid 30’s when I started my family. I’ve always wanted to stay at home with my children as my parents always worked and “didn’t have time or money” to do things that I wanted. They didn’t have the benefit(s) of Sick or Annual leave, crazy, hugh?

Even at a young age I always felt there was a better way.

It took me years, and years to find it but I did!

Wanta’ know what it is?

Before I get to that I gotta’ be honest, I had a closed mind. I couldn’t dream or fathom how people where “making it” until I was at home with my then 6 month old son. On my TV was an interview on the 7 pm hours (Prime time) that I believed to be true, after all it made it onto the broadcast.

Anyway, in a short version she claimed to be earning $4,000 month from the Internet! I have to admit, that caught my attention. So, my research began!

I had the same fears that you have… I didn’t want to be scammed! I didn’t want to be involved with anything illegal, you know the fears, and you probably have them right now, I understand.

So began my journey on the Internet and I haven’t turned back. I’ve gotten a better education from some of the best leaders in the industry that no college could have ever offered.

Here’s my goal; to help 22 people!

You could be one of them?

Do you want to be one of them?

Okay, so back to the 40-40-40 plan … There is an easier way. Oh, and YES it’s legal! (I wouldn’t be involved if it wasn’t!!) Before I tell you what, YOU have to know HOW. The ‘what’ is not nearly as important as ‘HOW’.

Here’s what I mean. You have to be taught how to drive so my gift to you is the 45 second presentation. Take time and the advantage to read this short book. It will explain how to get out of the 40-40-40 plan and change that to a much less in numbers. Others are doing it, I’m doing it and I want to help you do it too.

So, What’a say?

Enjoy your reading and feel free to contact me.


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