10 Reasons You Should Be Online For a Business

So, your looking for reasons to start a business online, well… I’ll give you at least 10 reason you should be online for a business.

Let’s face it starting your own e-Business is scary! The Internet is SO BIG, where do I start? How do I start? Where do I turn for help? I can’t build a web page or I don’t know anything about coding!

Yes, I agree the Internet is a BIG place because you are not limited to or tied to your town, you have the globe at your fingertips.

Here are at least 10 reason you should be online for a business:

  1. Cheap!
    1. Few hundred or thousands of Dollars to start in a few hours VS Several thousands or hundreds of thousands in start up costs that often need the approval of investors or a bank application.
  2. Cut your order of fillment costs
  3. Your catalog will always be up-to date
  4. High printing and mailing costs are history
    1. You can uses your own mailing list
  5. Your staff can be cut, saving on salaries.
  6. You’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    1. No employees calling in “Sick” (or Slick, lol!)
    2. Less or no Insurance, disability, unemployment and such due.
  7. You have a Global Audience at your fingertips, all with a click away.
  8. No City permits or at least minimal red-tape hassles.
  9. It’s fast to be up and running.
    1. No waiting on Building, Inspections, Inventory or what ever else.
  10. Quick, easy and cheap to get your message out.
    1. With the right message married with the right audience you’re only a few clicks away from tapping into your own stream of income.
  11. Best of all – you get paid over and over again for a job you did once.
    1. No more trading valuable time for money. Let me assure you there is no better feeling to see you’ve made sales(s) just after you’ve gotten up in the morning.
  12. You work at your pace, around your schedule as long or short as you feel the need to, even around the kids busy social schedule, lol. I know I have them too.

There are far more than these 10 reasons you should be online for a business and in time you’ll be rewarded with more. Since I’ve started my journey online I’ve learned more and met more helpful people who all want to see me succeed, now I’m passing this on to you. It’s not always an easy road but it’s definitely a road worth taking, it’ll transport many riches … cost far less upfront, with less hassles over a triditional brick and mortar business (offline).

Okay, so you agree … but don’t really know where or more importantly how to start. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that. It’s easier than you think. You just need someone to help guide you and If you’re looking for someone, I may be your someone you’ve been looking for!

I will share with you though WordPress is a bit more complex than most other option out there. My highest suggestion is to start with SiteBuild IT! I use both however as someone new into exploring the Internet the CHEAPEST way to go is hands down is to go with SiteBuild IT!

In summary, SiteBuild It! is basically an Online (sort-of) College class done at your pace.  It’s like $300/USD and for that you get bascially a university at your fingertips that when you follow the process will pay you far more than any other college class could.

So, you’re also stuck on the cost, I know I was too. I will assure you that it’s more than worth it considering if you use any other platform there are additional cost that add up and will be more than the $300/Annually cost.

Here let me show you –

  1. You’ll need a domain (webaddress) – Usually about $12 a year give or take, depends on if it’s .com, .org, .net, etc…
  2. Hosting account, that’s a place where you store your information – If/when you use a platform that is free, then your site could be locked at anytime then you’ve lost all of your hard work.
    1. GoDaddy is about $5.69 a month (That’s over $68.00 a year)
    2. BlueHost – As low as $6.95 a month (That’s over $83.00 a year)
    3. HostGator As Low as $7.95 a month for a year (That’s over $95.00 a year)
  3. Auto-responder/Mailer
    1. AWeber – is the most commonly used and that cost depends on your needs. The larger your list the more you’ll pay and for now I’ll use the posted price as of 1/9/2012 of $194 for a year.

So, we’re up to $274 (about). Then you’ll have to “Figure it out on your own” OR simply uses SuiteBuild IT!

There is another suggestion that I highly recommend you do if you’re serious about busilding an Internet Business. You really need to do your homework first and check out Bloglenia! She offers an excellent 4 week class to help you get started, here’s a list of Blogelina Products & Services

Until then … Let’s talk, drop me a message so I can help get you going. When you purchase through any of the suggested sites I will help you personally. Together we can do it, I know because I’ve done it.



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