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I’m glad you stopped by to see what I have to share.

Let me first tell you about me, I’m a busy mother to two young boys and a proud wife. If that’s not enough I also work a full-time JOB and when my children are napping (sssshhhhhh! Quite-time) I work on my Internet Business.

You see it was back in 2006 when my oldest son was about 6 months old when I overheard a story that was being shared on prime-time Television about a mother of six (6) kids (I first thought wow, good for her, but I don’t have that many kids) and

Kelly Staley
Kelly Staley on the Disney Dream 2014

she had a blog that was public that was in operation at the time for 4 months and claiming that she’ earning $4,000 a

Yes, you hear (read) that correctly … $4,000! Yeap, my reaction too…What?? How can that be? What is she doing that I
can’t learn to do? So that lean me to the Internet.

I had one huge fear though, just like you, SCAM – I didn’t want to be a victim a scam!

During all of my research, I keep finding myself back to one common site that I became comfortable with. That is Site BuildIt!

So, my fear kicked in again – the price, $299 “Pay only USD $299 for one full year of SBI! 2.0… all inclusive, no additional monthly charges” Yeap, you guessed it, WOW, that’s a lot of money to lose!

But my desire was much stronger that kept me wanting more information. Which lead me to asking questions. I’ll surely tell you that when I asked my questions they were answered quickly by Judd. Now, here was my question that sold me on my own thought that has not caused me to look back since. I asked Judd, about how much was he earning from his website?

Now I have to point out that I clearly knew that he had more experience, a very different market, product, information  or what ever than I was planning on but the point here is that I was open to the possibility! His reply was $20,000 a month. Now I understood that was from 4 different site, but he had the choice to work when he wanted to. His sites are based on quality information to people already willing to make a purchase.

Think about it…When you turn to the Internet, you’re looking for either Information or the best price, right?

Another fact is that they’re going to purchase from somebody, why not you!

So, I started my Journey of the Internet and so glad I did.

That initial cost of $299 was a small price to pay for the education that I gained from learning how to build a website. The bonus that I didn’t understand was the friendships and connections that I’ve gained from the experience/journey.

More importantly it’s much cheaper than the cost of a college classes or degree.

Yet the deeper I got into the more I saw that value that

Before I go, I’d offer these suggestions

  1. Really look at Site BuildIt!
  2. Get yourself a copy of Get Rick Click
  3. Get a Mentor! – I’d like to help you, are you ready?

There are all kids of people out there who just want you to buy, buy and buy some more. I know because I felt like that too. I finally stopped letting so many other people pull me in different directions.

You see the very first book I stared with was The Super Affiliate Handbook. Now don’t get me wrong I did learn some from that book but there are better one that I’ve found.

I will tell you upfront that there’s work involved in building an Internet Business.

YOU have to be willing to do what others have done before you who have paid the price to be where they are. I will be here to help you when you ask.

There are “hidden” cost that people will not tell you about that I’ve figured out.

Okay, I hear you …What are you doing on a WordPress platform if Site Build It! is so good?

Great question, Why? Because I’ve ventured out of my training wheels that Site Build It! provided to me.

I like you am learning how to build here and I got a very good foundation from Site Build It!

Okay, so some of your homework is above but I have one more important suggestion if you’re looking for great Value … Blogelina  Blogelina will give you free Blogging tips, an excellent education and has an offer that took me years to find, what to know ….?

“Give me 4 Weeks & I’ll Give You the Tools You Need to Start a Money-Making Blog” all for only $10.00 You have to do your own research but other than time, you really have nothing to lose? Except more lost money, IF you’re serious…I mean dead serious we need to work together.

More later,
Kelly Staley

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