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Mentors, Mentors

MENTORS … We really should have them – I didn’t think so until I really wanted SUCCESS, what about you?


Because they’ve already done it, have the information and can help you get to where it is that you want to go. Really, think about it. I’m glad I was introduced to a few that through there work, writing, blogging and events I’ve made lots of improvements to my live and those around me.

You see when I started my online adventure, just like you, I didn’t want to be SCAMED! you know the feeling, right?

Well, since I didn’t know a thing about the journey I was about to start; all I knew was I wanted to build an online business.

After I saw that new cast about a single mother who within 4 months had built a business that was generating at the time $4,000 a month I know that was something I was willing to learn about.

Now the news cast made it sound really easy, and I’m sure to some that it is or was. But, I’ll be brutally honest, it wasn’t that way for me. I am (was) determined to succeed. So my learning began and I stumbled upon some great information that helped develop my mind, my skills and my knowledge.

Now I’ll also tell you that I didn’t have the success that the featured business women in the news cast had, but I’ve success.

Here was my fist step in my learning process. (Keep in mind I had ZERO experience, knowledge or skills for the internet, marketing and building webpages)

Now, I had to finally cut out all the clutter. There are lots of people after YOU in fact just as many who also have the same passion, likes and really do want to help you succeed too.

I often felt like people were just after my money – and many of them are. That was until I really FOCUSED on those mentors above.

You too can and will succeed if you block out the noise and rise above and fight for your success. If you’re looking for someone to personally talk to that wants to help you drop me a message here.

Here’s to your success. Please return for more!

~ Kelly

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