Saving money during Christmas 2014

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Saving Money during Christmas 2014,

is so easy … yet many will not do it.

Lets face it, there are many ways to save money like

    1. Coupons
    2. Rebates
    3. Promotion Codes

Then there for sure that you’ve heard of E-bates – This is basically a shopping mall that connects you to hundreds of retailers that I’m sure you already use to shop. When you use this E-bates, your purchases before tax and/or shipping, you’ll then see a Cashback amount which is yours when you request the payment.

So, I like to shop on Amazon and when I first go to E-bates, use the search tool and I type in Amazon. I click on the Link, it takes me to Amazon and I shop like normal, pay for my purchases through Amazon, Amazon Ships my order and then I get up to 4% cashback.

No I know 4% doesn’t sound like a lot, but hey, every little bit helps. Then you also catch lower prices from Amazon and you can pay in any manor…this means that if you have a credit card that offers you a rebate … yeap, you get that rebate also from your credit card.

Then I’ll search (store) rebate or (store) coupon or (store) promotion code … you get the point, sometimes you can find additional savings.

But this is the one where I save money during the Christmas season 2014 – is from This is just like E-bates, except … the % of cashback tends to be higher. For example I purchased a new Apple MAC Pro Laptop and Earned 7% cashback, used 0% financing for 18 months and now I’m working on a new MAC computer cheaper than many others paid for the same exact model!

So here’s why I like each of them independently … you have to search each site to see where you’ll get the best savings.

–> like E-Bates doesn’t have as a choice = no savings
–> has = 7% savings as of 12/5/2014 (always subjected to change)

–> E-bates has with savings up-to 4%
–> doesn’t have as a partner.

These are just a few examples of the differences of each. Personally – I use BOTH! to ensure that I pay the lowest price on anything I purchase.

Alright – so I know one of your main question(s) is …

How is it possible to get Cash Back for my typical shopping?


Simple – each site is sharing commissions that they got paid from your shopping only they are sharing it back with you.

This is a simple form of Affiliate Marketing. You see EVERY Purchase YOU make from your phone of Computer … someone is getting paid. Yeap, true. Someone is getting paid. This is Affiliate marketing.

Now, you really have a few choices … keep paying more for your purchases or start saving money and or earning CashBack. This “concept” is really nothing new as there have been thousands of people earning money this way for years now.

If this is your first time hearing about this – don’t discount the information. Both are free to join and offers a VIP membership (just like Sam’s Club of Costco) where you can get even higher % of savings. You also already know, I’m sure … that every person who touches your products, there is always a mark-up in price. These sites just eliminate some of that markup and pass the savings back to you.

I Love shopping online. No lines, no headaches of rude people, no congestion of parking, traffic, lugging all those bags, several trips to the car to store bags … you get the point.

And one more huge tips I want to pass to you, if you’re afraid of purchasing online – simply get a prepaid Visa/Mastercard load the Cash on there, and if something should happen and your card number get “Stolen” it’s only limited to the value you have on there not your entire bank account! I heard this idea and simply love how simple it is and sure it’s a few more steps you you save tons of headache later if anything did happen which would be unfortunate!

I hope this helps you save money not only during Christmas, but throughout the year.

Merry Christmas!

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