I don’t like Selling!

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Most people say this, “I don’t like selling!


I hear you, and neither do I, in fact most people don’t like selling! Why? I believe it’s because we’re not good at it.


I few years ago I said the same thing until I found a few key things and for first is SiteBuildIT! Where I learned about the importance of “PRESelling and Selling” This was the beginning of the shift about my feelings of “I don’t like to sell”


The second important factor that helped me change is Dani Johnson, she is amazing. You may not like it be we’re more alike than you think. We ALL want more time, money, travel or whatever you fancy but in order to get them you have to acquire new skills and one of them is to change your views about selling. You see, if you’re a mother … you have to “sell” your children on eating proper nutrition even though they don’t want or like to. You sell yourself everyday you just don’t see it as selling!


You think … “I don’t like selling” because you don’t want to become one of those people…you know, those who pressure you into a decision.


So one of the easiest ways to get over “selling” is “pre”selling – you see, you already come to the internet looking for something whether it’s to purchase something of you’re looking for information.


It today’s world it’s more about information, information, information rather that the location, location, location that a traditional brick and mortar business needs. It’s no secret that more and more people are making purchasing decision from the internet or smart phone and when you presell them, you’re more likely to gain the trust of the visitor(s). You see your typical internet user doesn’t think how the internet works (I know I didn’t until I took responsibility to learn how other are making crazy money!) now I view the Internet in a whole different view and you can to!



So it’s a slow process but you can change your mind about how you feel about selling. Selling doesn’t have to mean that you need to tote around a car full of products or merchandise to sell. Selling can be that you’re sharing a hobby, where you like to travel, where you want to travel.


Back to Dani Johnson, she has a wonderful message and very gifted at the information she delivers and I feel that she is one of the best people to help you get over the “I don’t like selling”. You’re here because you’re looking for a solution but one of the things that most likely holding you back is the lack of confidence of selling. She can help you get over that and when you find a few good mentors that will help you also the dislike of selling will go away quickly!


Here are my suggestion, check out SiteBuildIT! It’s well worth your time to thoroughly learn so that you can build a good business on the Internet because the Internet is not going anywhere and the sooner you learn, the more you’ll be ahead of the rest of the people who are not awake to this fact. They spend time in Dani Johnson’s site. She had tons of free information that you can listen to and read. If it’s something that is in a member’s area, she had a very reasonable fee and is worth every cent.


So I hope that I’ve helped change your mind about how you feel with the question of I don’t like selling – learn how to PRESell and gain the people skills necessary to talk to and with others that removed the selling feeling.


More soon – Blessed I learned now to pass it on to you!


Thanks for visiting,


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