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Designing your website you have to consider an “Arial View” as well as an up close and personal view.  Some of this may not make sense to you yet but let’s start with an Arial view.  When building an online presence either personally of from a professional aspect there are other accounts that need to be considered. Sure anyone can get a domain but that is only the beginning!


When I started one of my first purchases to help me was a book “The Super Affiliate Handbook” here’s the first time I heard of Hosting. If you don’t use SiteBuildIt! (The price is an ALL in one price!), then you have to have hosting. This is where you pay someone to keep your website up and running.

Here’s my list of suggestions for hosting:

  1. BlueHost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. HostGator
  4. SiteBuildIt – Hosting


You can create a website without hosting but then you are restricted to the rules of the company in which you have created your website from. Sometimes people put a lot of blood, sweat, tears and heart aches into their creation only to have the website blocked or locked out of. When you get a hosting account yourself then you control your site. For example you can get a free website at, but they control your site and the moment you post something against the rules, promote a product or something like that then your account will be shut down, it happened to me when I started! DON’T let that happen to YOU!!


Now you should consider an Auto-responder. You’ve seen these … this is where you are asking for your visitors contact information, visitors like you J (Thanks for visiting) this also is necessary at some point. You can use any of these three companies that are most used.

  1.  Aweber, most used
  2. Constant Contact
  3. iContact
  4. Get Response
  5. Mail Chimp – Free up to a particular list size 🙂  (send 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers)
  6. – Next to free, it’s the cheapest on the internet.


Hosting runs about $4.95 a month, that’s $59.40 a year.

Using is about $17.95 a month and $215.40 a year


So far we’re up to $274.80!


Now for the priceless information about designing your website, the education and support you’ll need in order to be successful because if you’re going to design your own website you need the support. If you’ve got the money to have someone else to design it, great…but you’ll have to keep paying them for the expertise that they offer to keep your site updated.  Heck as I write this I have just reinforced the value that SiteBuildIT! offers, I mean for one price you get the education, support, ability in designing your website that even starts with the Arial view.






Many of the people who fail in building an online business is because they lead with the wrong question and that question is “How can I make money?” While that is a question that will be answered, you need to create lots of great content that is valuable to your visitors, you 🙂


Designing your website does have some learning curves that everyone has to go through. You’ll pay the price one way or another it’s a fact.


Another way you can gain the education you’ll need in designing your website is to join Empowered Network.  Here you’ll join an empowered community that is eager to teach you all that you’ll need in order to succeed. Although you’ll gain many friendships and unlimited education it like all comes with a price. You can get started for as little as $25.00 a month subscription. Then the education you’ll gain the higher you climb in the educational ladder.


There are other Colleges and Universities that offer courses on this exact subject and it is reported and I’ve even done some research on my own and found that the tuition cost several thousands of dollars and I’ve also heard as high as $26,000 in total tuition! Empower Network cost ultimately cost fractions of that total price, with the figure just under $5,0000. Now, don’t flip out … you don’t pay for that all at once unless you can or want to! That figure is for about a year or so of education mixed with hands on experience, which is priceless.


For now, this helps give you an Arial view of how to design your website, after all it’s your business and you should build it the way you want. I hope that I’ve given you an overview of the pricing that is necessary to an on-line business. I discovered these myself at a higher price and time of my own, ugh, the headaches. I’m trying to limit yours.


Here to help you succeed …. What can I do for you?





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